The Area

Castillo Aracena. Foto: Cristina Wordsworth

We are situated in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, a real paradise for nature lovers and gastronomy. Magic paths shaded by enormous cork and chestnut trees, magnificent views and a wide variety edible wild mushrooms and chestnuts (we invite our guests to collect them in the season).

ermita Almonaster La Real. Foto: Jorge Garrido. Aracena Natural

Jabugo Air Cured Ham comes from our Sierra (8km from here) as well as the other products from the Iberian Pig. Consequently a huge variety of restaurants have developed offering both traditional and original dishes in all the villages of the Sierra. In the middle ages our Sierra the scene of numerous boarder disputes with the neighboring Portugal. From these conflicts we have been left with many fortified castles such as those in Aracena, Cortegana and many other surrounding villages – all of which can be visited. They say that we are always “de Fiesta” in the Sierra! And they’re right – there is a huge variety of activities throughout the year. In winter we have the family reunions to kill and cure the Iberian pigs to produce the air cured hams, the spicy sausages to feed the family throughout the year. In spring we have the Holy Week processions in all the villages. In summer we carry out the special ritual of removing the cork from the cork trees. From June to September we have various pilgrimages every week – Alájar’s big celebration is on the 8th September when the Brotherhoods of the Queen of the Angels make their pilgrimage to the Virgin in the Church above the village know as the Peña (outcrop) of Arias Montano. In autumn we collect the enormous variety of wild mushrooms and in October and November we collect the edible chestnuts.